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Enjoy video from our church events

Reducing Stress & Anxiety Seminar

In this presentation Dr. Binus give practical tips on how to both reduce stress and how to relate to the unavoidable stressors in our lives in a positive way.

How to Make Friends with Your stress.
Dr. Daniel Binus

CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

There are many therapies for anxiety but which ones are the best? What does the data say. Listen in as Melissa a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner shares what therapies are the most effective.

What Remedies Work Best for Anxiety? Navigating Through the Turbulence.

Melissa Frost - PMHNP-BC

CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.

Getting to the Root of Stress and Anxiety


Gabriel Arruda

Learn the what's at the root of stress and anxiety condions.

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